Outdoor LED Display Panel

LED Display Panel is a video display which uses light-emitting diodes. An LED panel is a small display or a component of a larger display or screen. They are typically used outdoors in store signs and billboards. In recent years have also become commonly used in destination signs on public transport vehicles.

  • Large viewing angle and smooth displaying provide excellent visual effect from every angle
  • IP65 rating ensures stable operation in severe weather
  • Ultra-high brightness, low attenuation, high reliability and weather ability
  • Good uniformity of colour makes the displaying effect without coarseness and mosaic
  • The dedicated 14bit constant current IC of high gray scale and the ghost-abating circuit can protect the LED as well as avoid surge and leakage
  • The integration of LED and IC, together with themulti-circuit structure, achieves evenly-distributed current, low power consumption and fast cooling


Item Parameter
Pixel Pitch PH 5 PH 6 PH 8 PH 10
LED Model SMD2727
Module Size 160 x 160 192 x 192 256 x 128 160 x 160
Resolution 32 x 32 32 x 32 32 x 16 16 x 16
Physical Pixel Density 40000
Scan Mode 8 scan 8 scan 4 scan 4 scan
Brightness >6000cd/sqm >6500cd/sqm >7000cd/sqm >6500cd/sqm
Optimal Viewing Distance >5.5m >6m >8m >10m
Weight 0.16kg/pcs 0.35kg/pcs 0.33kg/pcs 0.26kg/pcs
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Item Module Size (mm) Resolution (pixel) Single Module Electric Current  (A) Max Power
Consumption (sqm)
PH 5 160 x 160 1024 6.2 – 6.5 1200w
PH 6 192 x 192 1024 6.2 – 6.5 1200w
PH 8 256 x 128 512 6.2 – 6.5 1000w
PH 10 160 x 160 256 6.0 – 6.2 1000w
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  • Transit Hub Billboard

    LED display has become the main displaying product for ads distribution in most transit hubs.

  • Freeway Toll Gate

    LED display is a common way to play traffic information and commercials at freeway toll gate.

  • Supermarket and Mall

    LED display has become an indispensable tool for merchants to distribute promotion advertisements.

  • Pedestrian Street

    Multimedia ads are ubiquitous in the malls of pedestrian street and LED display is the most common one.

  • Outdoor Billboard

    LED display can help maximize the profit of media companies.