LED Crystal Light Box

LED crystal light box is another type of LED slim light box. Instead of frame,it use acrylic to cover the image for promotional display graphic.

  • Transparent frame, crystal-like, delicate
  • Easy to change picture
  • Uses self-made quality optical light guiding panels for even light
  • Uses LED light source, for energy-efficiency and longer service life
  • Come with ready made size
  • Available in single and double side


Type LED Light Box Traditional Light Box
Size h:4feet w:3feet h:4feet    w:3feet
Watts (per hour) 42.8watts
(1 modulator tube = 40watts)
Usage (per day) 1027.2watts 2880watts
Usage (per month) 30816watts 86400watts
Save (per month) 55584watts
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  • Office

    LED crystal light box exclusive appearance look attractive in office as a decorative piece.

  • Living Room

    Modern design and concept living room can used LED crystal light box as one of their materials as the light box exclusive and modern look are match for the concept.

  • Shopping Complex

    Shopping complex usually used light box to highlight certain of their product. Using LED crystal light box, space and energy can be save as the light box are more slimmer and more energy efficient.

  • Coffee House

    LED crystal light box also can be used as a decorating pieces in coffee house.

  • Cinema

    Cinema are place where LED crystal light box are widely used. Every cinema used LED crystal light box for advertise upcoming or showing movies.