LED Flashing Light Box

With the perfect combination with the traditional scrolling light box,the LED flashing screen brings a revolution to the traditional scrolling light box undoubtedly. It enhances and promotes the market competitiveness of the scrolling light box, brings the historical opportunity of the development.

  • Intelligent synchronization of the picture flashing and scrolling
  • Picture can be changed freely
  • Light source can be used chronically
  • Using USB or wireless transmitting interface


  • LED Banner Light Box B6

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    custom h-60mm
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  • LED Banner Light Box B10

    Light Box Size Print Size View Size
    custom h-80mm
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  • Frameless LED Banner Light Box B8

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    custom h+75mm
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Type LED Light Box Traditional Light Box
Size h:4feet    w:3feet h:4feet    w:3feet
Watts (per hour) 55watts 120watts

(1 modulator tube = 40watts)

Usage (per day) 1320watts 2880watts
Usage (per month) 39600watts 86400watts
Save (per month) 46800watts
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  • Airport

    LED flashing light box extend size are one of its unique featured that allow it to advertise bigger ads inside bigger space such as airport, shopping complex and even exhibition hall.

  • Pedestrian Street

    LED flashing light box also can be place at the street. Because of the modern look and featured, it will modernize the street looks.

  • Bus Stop

    LED flashing light box are widely used as advertising tool in western. LED flashing light box are highly suitable because of its outdoor feature and characteristic.

  • Metro Station

    LED flashing light box are suitable to be place at metro station as a advertising tools.

  • Super Market and Mall

    LED flashing light box has become an indispensable tool for merchants to distribute promotion advertisements.