LED Banner Light Box

LED banner light box are the latest and the newest type of signboard. Compare to the old traditional light box, its easier to change the graphic and more efficient in saving energy. LED banner light box can save you a lot of cost in long terms.

  • LED banner light box system ideal for large outdoor advertisement;
  • Flexible PVC banner fascia
  • Even light spread across the graphic
  • Built-in LED lights and aluminium frame cover
  • Full inkjet color vinyl on surface
  • Easy to install and maintenance


  • LED Banner Light Box B60

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    custom h-60mm
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  • LED Banner Light Box B90

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    custom h-60mm
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  • Frameless LED Banner Light Box B80

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    custom h+75mm
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Type LED Light Box Traditional Light Box
Size h:4feet w:3feet h:4feet w:3feet
Watts (per hour) 100watts 120watts (1 modulator tube = 40watts)
Usage (per day) 2400watts 2880watts
Usage (per month) 72000watts 86400watts
Save (per month) 14400watts
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  • Airport

    LED banner light box extend size are one of its unique featured that allow it to advertise bigger ads inside bigger space such as airport, shopping complex and even exhibition hall.

  • Pedestrian Street

    LED banner light box also can be place at the street. Because of the modern look and featured, it will modernize the street looks.

  • Bus Stop

    LED banner light box are widely used as advertising tool in western. LED banner light box are highly suitable because of its outdoor feature and characteristic.

  • Walkway

    LED banner light box are suitable to be place at walkway as a advertising tools.

  • Flyover

    Normal billboard that hang on flyover can be replace to LED banner light box as it look more modern.